Terms of Service

EssayFlow.ai welcomes you onboard! On this page, we will highlight our Terms of Service, including how we conduct our operations under policies set forth by the respective stakeholders. Therefore, from henceforward, the Terms of Service will be addressed as (“Terms”) and all the services provided by EssayFlow.ai (“Website”) as (“Services”). By using the said Services, it is automatically considered that the user agrees will all the Terms. In case users do not agree with the Terms, they must not use the related Services.

Use of Services

Account & Activities: Users may be advised to sign up on the website to take full advantage of the Services provided by the Website. However, they will have to assume the responsibility to keep the sensitive information safe from unvalidated access, and only be used for fair practices. In case they observe any unauthorized activity through their credentials, users are advised to contact EssayFlow.ai. Still, the Website will not have any responsibility for the proper resolution of the issue if any.

Unsanctioned Usage: By using the Services, users agree to fairly use them by never indulging in unfair, illegal, or any form of unsanctioned activities. Additionally, they will be held responsible if they partake in disrupting the operations of the Website in any form, shape, or way.

Rightful Property Ownership

Ownership of Content: All rights are reserved in the name of EssayFlow.ai, including copyrights, property rights, and patents. By virtue of using the Website, users agree to never alter, change, or commercially reproduce the content and its derivatives without obtaining written permission from the Website.

User Content: When users upload or submit content to the Services of the Website, they give full permission to EssayFlow.ai to translate, alter, publish, and distribute the content and its derivatives through a global, non-exclusive, royalty-free license. Logically, it also construes that the user uploading the content had the permission and rights to submit it on the Website in the first place.

Refund Policy

Reimbursements, Compensations, Refunds: In the spirit of transparency and providing the best Services to our paying customers, EssayFlow.ai offers a 3-day refund policy. Users must remember that these reimbursements or refunds are conditional and subject to approval from the review board. The binding decision on any matter will be taken by EssayFlow.ai. To demand a refund, customers can contact the representatives through live chat or email us at [email protected] to move forward with their case.

Eligibility For Refunds: As refunds are conditional, users must provide solid reasons to avail of this Service. We can deny the request for a refund, or offer a complete or partial refund.

Exceptions In Special Cases: In case of the abuse of services or putting in a request for a refund after 3 days, no money will be awarded to the users.

Limited Liability

Disclaimer of All Products & Services: All the Services offered by the Website should be considered on an “as is” or “as available” basis. EssayFlow.ai does not get involved in any special contract or agreement with a person or an institution to guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of the content produced by the tool.

Limitation of Liability: EssayFlow.ai will never assume responsibility for any damages arising from any direct, indirect, or incidental usage of the Website and the Services offered thereof. This Term applies even when the Website is notified in advance about any activity or the underlying causes.


No personnel or stakeholders at EssayFlow.ai shall be held liable for any damage or misuse done by the users. By agreeing to the Terms, they will indemnify everyone related to the Website in any way.

Denial of Services

EssayFlow.ai reserves the right to terminate the access of the Website to any user without providing any explanation or notice period.

Laws & Governance

The laws of the land hold supreme in the spirit of all Terms of Service set forth by the Website. These conditions pose no disregard for the principles of the state.

Alteration to Original Terms & Conditions

The Website holds the right to alter, modify, add, or subtract a clause from the original Terms. The said changes will be in effect when they go online. EssayFlow.ai urges users to read the Terms every now and then. By using the Services, the new Terms will be considered as binding and in effect.